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By : Sudevan
| |
What is it that goes into an act or lackof action of ours to make it ethical? Is it graceand grit under pressure or detachment in front ofthe lucre and lure? Or, is it something that formsor ought to form the very stuff of ...readmore
India | 2013 | 80 Mins


By : M. Padmakumar
| |
Jalam (Water) is the story of a youngcouple who dreams to own a piece of land. Theywere a part of the Chengara agitation for land andafter some time they receive the offer for land in aremote place in Ernakulam. But their d...readmore
India | 2015 | 103 Mins


By : Dr. Bijukumar Damodaran
| |
Film tells the story of marginalizedpeople in Kerala through the life of a father andEight year old son. Father works as a temporarycleaning sweeper. Chami' is his friend and fellowworker who belongs a tribal community. The...readmore
India | 2015 | 111 Mins


By : Manu 
| |
Keshu, a wayward but loving teenager,and his father come to their ancestral home inmunroe Island where the Grandfather lives withkathu, the maid. Father wants to take Keshu forproper psycological treatment. But grandfather...readmore
India | 2015 | 90 Mins