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The Little Gypsy Witch


An urban Roma family lives in thesuburbs of a big city; the father Hrast, the motherAska, their daughter Manusha and GrannyIlonka, Aska’s mother, a well-known fortuneteller. Granny Ilonka dies suddenly, Aska isdismissed from her job in the light-bulb factory,while Hrast ‘loses his ear’, so he is fired from thefuneral band in which he was a trumpet player.The family has suddenly become poor after theirelectricity and phone is cut off, Aska reluctantlytakes on her mother’s customers and beginsfortune telling. They tease her and torment her atschool because she’s different from them.Manusha misses her grandmother, because herparents are burdened by the problems of baresurvival do not have time for a little girl and theydo not notice that something strange ishappening in the house. Things become worsewhen Granny Ilonka’s ghost start making thingsto levitate, fly, and to attack people in the house.


Selma Ibrahimi, Marin Arman Grbin, Aleksandra Balmazovic

Director :Tomislav Zaja Language :English Country :Croatia
Producer :Not Updated Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2015 Duration:98 Mins


Director Name

Tomislav Zaja