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Force of Destiny


Robert is a renowned sculptor wholives alone surrounded by the tools of his tradeand his highly distinctive artworks. Robert isclose to his daughter Poppy, but has anunresolved relationship with Hannah fromwhom he is separated. The family is stunnedwhen Robert is diagnosed with cancer of theliver and six months to live. In the process ofphysical decline and mental turmoil, Robertmeets Maya, an Indian marine biologist whocomes from a different world, a different reality.Maya's Uncle also has cancer and is preparingfor death by passing on his wisdom andknowledge with grace and acceptance. Againstall the odds, Robert is put on the transplant list.New hope and future possibilities appear,deepening his planetary journey with Maya. InRobert's last tumultuous months his nightmaresand passion for Maya intensify. His loveblossoms and he has to confront theagony/ecstasy of finding a love that has evadedhim his entire life just as his body is about to betaken away from him.


David Wenham, Jacqueline McKenzie, Shahana Goswami

Director :Paul Cox Language :English Country :Australia
Producer :Not Updated Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:Not Updated
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2015 Duration:92 Mins


Director Name

Paul Cox

Director Biography

Award-winning film director Paulus HenriqusBenedictus "Paul" Cox is widely recognized as'Australia's most prolific film auteur'. "Cox's delicatefilms have been pockmarked with life's uncertainty.Loneliness within relationships is a staple of the Coxoeuvre, too". David Wenham states, "There is noone like Cox. He is unique, and we need him, andpeople like him. He is completely an auteur,because everything you see on the screen, and hear,has got Paul's fingerprints all over it.His noted movie are - Illuminations (1976), InsideLooking Out (1977), Kostas (1979), Lonely Hearts(1982), Man of Flowers (1983), My First Wife(1984),Cactus (1986), Island (1989),Golden Braid(1990),A Woman's Tale (1991), The Nun and theBandit (1992), Exile (1994), Lust and Revenge(1996), Molokai: The Story of Father Damien (1999),Innocence (2000), The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky(2001), Human Touch (2004)Salvation (2008), Force Of Destiny (2015)