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Dau Huduni Methai (Song of the Horned Owl)


Insurgency related fatalities havegrown to an alarming number in the North-Eastern Region of India over the past 35 years.Close to 40,000 people have lost their lives tocommunal violence and region baseddisturbances, insurgency and counterinsurgencyoperations, and fratricidal wars betweenerstwhile comrades of militant organisationssuch as ULFA, UPDS, BLTF, and NDFB amongothers. The majority of victims are common folkwho have nothing to do with either theinsurgents or the counter insurgency operations.They have no use for a sovereign Nagaland, anindependent Assam or a separate Bodoland.They are the poor adivasis, the wage earninglabourers, and the villagers busy tilling land fortheir precarious survival. Yet they are the oneswho have to pay the maximum price.In the backdrop stated above, the film “DauHuduni Methai” (Song of The Horned Owl)recounts the effects of insurgency andcounterinsurgency on common folk through theperspective of Raimali, a young rape victim. Asshe lies in an abandoned house, she recalls howseparatist violence mars her life, that of her loverand their families, contrasting its intrusive naturewith indigenous folklore and the immutability ofthe Assamese landscape.

Director : Manju Borah Language :Bengali Country :India
Producer :Not Updated Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2015 Duration:78 Mins


Director Name

Manju Borah