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Koza (Goat)


Peter "Koza" Baláž is struggling tomake ends meet. Miša learns that she isexpecting a child and decides to terminate herpregnancy. She pressures Koza to get moneyfor the procedure. Koza, who has not trainedin a while, steps back into the ring, hoping toearn some much-needed cash and possiblychange Miša's mind. He and his manager,Zvonko, embark on a "tour", where success isnot measured in victories, but in the amountof blows that Koza can take.KOZA features Peter Baláž, who competed atthe 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, and JánFranek, Olympic medallist from Moscow1980, as his coach. Featuring the outstandingperformances of non-professional actors andblurring the lines between representation andpresence, KOZA is a powerful and hauntingchallenge to the concept of authenticity.

Director :Ivan Ostrochovský Language :English Country :Slovakia
Producer :Not Updated Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:Not Updated
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2015 Duration:75 Mins


Director Name

Ivan Ostrochovský