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An armed security guard, Asif Hafeez, accidentally kills his fellow guard Ashok one night at their workspace. Ashok was trying to rob the same place they were defending. Upon realising that Ashok was unarmed, Asif regrets his actions and feels remorseful. 10 years pass by and Asif has become alienated from most of the people around him, he feels shame and resents himself. Struggling to live a life of sanity, the only human interaction he has, is with the chai boy, Tipu.  The ideas of the past still haunt him.  One night at the workspace, the same situation repeats itself with Asif.  


Yashpal Sharma , Amit Jairath & Rajveer Popalghat

Director :Aly Rana Language :Hindi Country :India
Producer :Edwina Jansen & Lekha Deshpande Editor :Nidhi Vora Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Harshwardhan J Patil Year :2016 Duration:11 Mins


Director Name

Aly Rana

Director Biography

Aly Rana is a Cinephile/Writer/Director/Editor and a Student at Whistling Woods International.

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