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The Lick


One chilly day inside a mysterious graveyard, footballer wannabe Kris sees that his dream has come true in a most unusual way. THE LICK is a surreal black comedy about the deadly seduction of desires.


Elias Sommer,Lila Grandgeorge,Dewi Wynne Jones,Niall Macdonald

Director :Stephen C. Horne Language :English Country :Scotland
Producer :Gianna Arni Editor :Stephen C. Horne Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Fraser Stephen Year :2016 Duration:18 Mins


Director Name

Stephen C. Horne

Director Biography

Stephen C. Horne is a Scottish filmmaker, editor and colourist based in Edinburgh. He has edited work for respected film directors such as Mark Cousins and David Cairns. His own directed work – as in his most recent film, THE LICK - leans heavily towards fantasy and surrealism, exploring serious subjects in a quirky and playful manner. 

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