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Mathieu and his deaf-mute mother manage a farm in Alsace. Their peaceful life is wrecked when they're visited by his youngest brother Victor, who's serving in the Nazi army. When Victor decides to go back into the service of the Party, it's a huge disappointment for his older brother.


Anthony Vuignier,Julien Ritzowski,Julia Le Cavil

Director :Valentin Pittard Language :French Country :Switzerland
Producer :David Sias Editor :Marco Tschuy Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Stefano Stroppa Year :2016 Duration:11 Mins


Director Name

Valentin Pittard

Director Biography

Valentin Pittard was born in Geneva, Switzerland. At the age of 13 years he got his first internship on a TV Show. Since then he has worked for 7 more shows. He shot 4 short films, 5 music videos, 2 commercials (one of them got awarded as best commercial in Geneva). He then started working with Shana Pearson international singer in 2012 for making-ofs or so. He shot my last short film in July 2015 ; 1942

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