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Germany 1944 during World War II: The ukrainian forced labor Valentina escapes out of the labor education Camp next to the small german village Langenzenn. Rescued by Martin and his parents she is hidden in their barn. An acid test for Martin, his family and the solidarity of the whole village.


Tobias Oertel,Tessa Mittelstaedt,Marc Schmidt,Lili Zahavi,Michael Schiller,Andreas Leopold Schadt,Ge

Director :Max Kidd Language :German Country :Germany
Producer :Tobias Rosen Editor :Julia Drache Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Johannes Kreuser Year :2016 Duration:11 Mins


Director Name

Max Kidd

Director Biography

Born and raised in Schweinfurt Max Kidd at 16 discovered his passion for acting. The secondary school in Wurzburg followed three years drama school before having 2009 the leading role in the drama “Hangtime". At the Munich Film Festival, he was awarded for his acting with the "Young German Cinema". After a few episode starring roles in german television, he was casted in 2011 together with Eva-Maria Grein von Friedl and Tobias Oertel in the RTL movie IK1. In Steven Spielbergs thriller "St. James" he played a small part at the side of Tom Hanks. Aside from acting, Kidd writes scripts and directs. So he shoot the short films "A Dreamer's Dream" and "Brother love". Together with Tobias Rosen and Tilman Braun, he founded 2010 the production company Y-Concepts GbR. 

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