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At the other End


A psychiatrist and published author Neha Kapoor is an ardent believer in the ideology that urban lifestyle incubates mental health problems. Following this ideology, she keeps herself away from any kind of baggage but this changes one day when she meets a medical representative, Arun Singh and with time, falls in Love with him. Gradually, her own insecurities starts to take over their relationship and things start falling apart.                                     


Shipra Tyagi, Ankush Kaushal

Director : Vinayak-Priyanka Language :Hindi Country :India
Producer :Ajay Govind Editor :Manoj Chauhan Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Tanweer Ahmed Year :2016 Duration:21 Mins


Director Name


Director Biography

Vinayak Vyas is an engineer-turned-filmmaker and Priyanka Aiyer has done her MA in Film Studies. Both Vinayak and Priyanka have worked on various independent and commissioned short films. At the other end is their debut fiction film as directors.