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Thirty year old Benek experiences crisis mainly manifested by compulsive thoughts and dreams about death and is convinced that he is unable to love. Accidentaly he meets a magnetic and mouthy Lena, who offers him few weeks of intense life without commitments. They embark on a crazy journey during which Benek realizes that Lena has cancer, and she is not attempting to treat it. Surprisingly, in spite of conventional medicine, she gets pregnant. Lena is subjected to a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy finally giving birth to a healthy girl. Benek tries to support her but the weight of their experience creates distance between them, despite the smoldering feelings on both sides. They cannot stand the burden of living together but they do not know how to say goodbye. Chemo is above of all about love growing in unfamiliar environment. Love, temporary nature of life and finally passing away concerns everyone and that gives this story an universal dimension.


Tomasz Schuchardt,Agnieszka Żulewska,Danuta Stenka,Eryk Lubos

Director :Bartosz Prokopowicz Language :Polish Country :Poland
Producer :Katarzyna Sarnowska,Klaudia Śmieja,Bartek Prokopowicz Editor :Robert Gryka, Piotr Kmiecik Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Jeremi Prokopowicz Year :2016 Duration:106 Mins


Director Name

Bartosz Prokopowicz

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