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Ka Bodyscapes


Ka Bodyscapes (2016) - a new feature film set in Kerala, India. Misogyny and homophobia have touched new heights in this ageing, middle-class dominated society where growing Hindu right-wing mobilization and predatory economic growth now erode both civil liberties and labor rights. In this bleak socialscape, three young people, Haris, a free-spirited gay painter; Vishnu, a rural kabaddi player and Haris' object of desire; and their friend Sia, an activist who refuses to conform to dominant norms of femininity, struggle to find space and happiness. The film explores their quest for freedom and rebellion.


Kannan Rajesh,Jason Chacko,Naseera,Nilambur Ayisha,Athidhi,Ashvin A Mathew,Harish Peradi,Jayaprakashan Kulur

Director :Jayan Cherian Language :Malayalam Country :USA|INDIA
Producer :Jayan Cherian Editor :Renjith Kuzhur Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Radhakrishnan MJ Year :2016 Duration:99 Mins


Director Name

Jayan Cherian

Director Biography

Jayan Cherian born in Kerala, India, graduated with honors from Hunter College, BA in Film and Creative Writing, and an MFA from The City College of New York in ­lmmaking. His ­lms have screened at Berlin International Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, BFI London Lesbian Gay Film Festival, NARA International Film Festival, Rio-de-Janeiro international ­lm festival, Kolkata International Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival and many other major festivals around the globe and won several awards. His critically acclaimed feature debut, Papilio Buddha (2013) won: Kerala State Film Special Jury Award for best direction 2013, Kerala Film Critics Association Award for Best Debut Director 2013, and Feature Narrative Award at Athens International Film+Video Festival 2013. The Shape of the Shapeless (2010) won: Silver Conch Award at Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) 2012, Silver Jury Prize in San Francisco Shorts and Director's Choice Award at Black Maria Film and Video Festival 2012. Jayan’s Filimography includes KaBodyscapes(2016), Papilio Buddha(2013), Shape of the Shapeless (Documentary, 2010), Love in the Time of Foreclosure (Short, 2009), Hidden Things (Short, 2009), Soul of Solomon (Short, 2008), Capturing the Signs of God (Short, 2008), Holy Mass (Short, 2007), Tree of Life (Short, 2007), Simulacra the Reality of the Unreal (Short, 2007), The Inner Silence of the Tumult (Short, 2007), Hid-entity (Short, 2007), and Tandava the Dance of Dissolution (Short, 2006). Jayan Published four collections of poetry in Malayalam Ayodhanaththinte Achuthantu(Axis of Combat) (1996), Ayanam Vachana Rekhayil (Journey on the line of verse)(1999) Polymorphism (2002), and Pachakku (Like it is) (2006). Received many Awards for Poetry such as Kerala Sahitya Academy Kanakasri Endowment Award (2003) for "Ayanam Vachana Rekhayil" and Mathan Tharakan Award for "Ayodhanathinte Achuthantu"(Axis of Combat) 1996.  

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