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Treppe Aufwerts


The film "Treppe Aufwaerts“ tells a three generation story: The fateful past of the grandfather and its dysfunctional impact on the life of his son and grandson. A story about loyality, hope and pursuit of happiness.


Hanno Koffler,Christian Wolff,Matti Schmidt-Schaller,Karolina Lodyga,Patrick Wolff,Ken Duken,Antonio Wannek

Director :Mia Maariel Meyer Language :German Country :Germany
Producer :Patrick Wolff,Marco Leberling,Mia Maariel Meyer Editor :Anne Kliem Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Marco Braun Year :2016 Duration:94 Mins


Director Name

Mia Maariel Meyer

Director Biography

Mia Maariel Meyer is an award-winning filmmaker and writer with a distinctive cinematic visual style. She has worked as a writer and director in New York, London and Berlin. To date, she has created over 25 short and medium length films as well as various documentaries and commercials. In 2012, she won the Grimme Online Award for the documentary series “140 Sekunden“ together with Tim Klimes. Despite working as a director, Mia is passionate about teaching directing, which she does at the Schauspielfabrik Berlin amongst other institutions.

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