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How far will you go for love? And once you have it, will it be enough? Those are the central questions for the characters in '1400,' a new feature film from director Derrick Lui and a talented ensemble cast. The elegant rooms and shops of a metropolitan Singapore hotel host a constant flow of human weakness: avarice, lust, infidelity. However, the hotel also sees the birth of pure love and friendship between unlikely partners as '1400' pulls back the curtain on the intertwined lives of the young and the old, the innocent and the cynical, the hopeful and the despondent. Filmed in an intimate style on location in Singapore, '1400' has an authenticity and emotional presence that cannot be denied.


Desmond Tan, Angeline Yap , Vincent Tee , Alan Tan , Will Lawandi , Maria Alexandria , Grace Lee-Khoo

Director :Derrick Lui Language :Chinese Country :Singapore
Producer :N/A Editor :Alfie Law Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Chua Lian Seng Year :2016 Duration:88 Mins


Director Name

Derrick Lui

Director Biography

Starting his career at Medicorp’s TVC arm a decade ago, Derrick moved on to MTV Asia, directing various on-air promos, and artist image spots. Wanting to try different drama and documentary genres, he left to freelance as a director/writer. Derrick’s 2nd film, Colours, screened at more than 40 festivals worldwide and won awards in Australia and Asia. His poetic short, When Night Fa11s, secured a Special Mention at the I’ve Seen Films International Film Festival, the only Asian film that was awarded in Milan.  Collectively, his films have screened at numerous festivals including London, Milan, Tokyo, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Iran, New York, Pusan, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

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