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1st Sem


When a child leaves home for college, the milestone leads to a struggle between giving in to homesickness or choosing a good education and a better future. Sixteen-year-old Maru Marasigan chooses to give in and goes home to be with his mother, Precy. But instead of strengthening their relationship, the decision finds both mother and son drifting apart.


Lotlot de Leon, Darwin Yu, Allan Paule, Miguel Bagtas, Sebastian Vargas

Director :Dexter Paglinawan Hemedez,Allan Michael Ibanez Language :Filipino Country :Philippines
Producer :Dexter Paglinawan Hemedez,Allan Michael Ibanez Editor :Alec Figuracion Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Neil Daza Year :2016 Duration:103 Mins


Director Name

Dexter Paglinawan Hemedez,Allan Michael Ibanez

Director Biography

Allan Ibanez Allan Ibanez' passion for films took flight when he was studying in U.P. Diliman. Even if his major was B. S. Statistics, he took film and theater classes which inspired him to share stories through writing, directing and acting. Later on, he sought mentorship under Ricky Lee, one of the most prolific screenwriters in the Philippines after attending his scriptwriting workshop. He then started writing for TV and independent features.  Dexter Hemedez As soon as Dexter P. Hemedez graduates from New Era University with a degree in BA Mass Communications under his belt, he attended a scriptwriting workshop under Ricky Lee, one of the most prolific screenwriters in the Philippines. He then started to pursue a career in TV, writing for hit shows like Be Careful With My Heart, Maria La Del Barrio, NasaanKa Nang Kailangan Kita and Rosalka. 

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