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On what he expected to be a typical day, Prasad, a reluctant pimp, must investigate the sudden disappearance of his network’s most demanded prostitute, Nimmi. Just hours before, a nervous young man named Mathi was preparing to admit to his lifelong friend that he has always identified as a woman, and that he has always been in love with him. While Prasad questions how he landed in this business his guilty conscience fuels him to locate Nimmi and eventually leads him to Mathi - who is busy dealing with the repercussions of his confession, and wondering why it is so difficult for people to accept that he was simply born in the wrong body.


Kathir Logu, Raj Bharath, Rajesh Sharma, Meera Nair

Director :Jagadeesan Subu Language :Tamil Country :India
Producer :Viknesh Logu (Divine Studios) Editor :Anucharan Murugaiyan Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Navin Kumar Year :2016 Duration:95 Mins


Director Name

Jagadeesan Subu

Director Biography

Director Jagadeesan Subu was born and raised just outside of Chennai, and used his tailoring knowledge to join the film industry as an assistant costumer when he moved to the city with the ambition to work in cinema, when he was 20 years old. After working in the wardrobe department on a few films he learned that his greater interest lied in camera work and he began working as an assistant camera man on some big budget commercial films of the early 2000s. Before moving on to working with highly notable directors in South Indian cinema, such as director Shankar, Jagadeesan actually took about 7 months off between films to increase his knowledge of world cinema, by watching close to 1200 films. When his long time friend National Award winning director M. Manikandan received funding for his directorial debuts he joined his team and began aspiring to direct himself. “Sigai” is Jagadeesan’s directorial and writing debut.

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