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Apartment 6


Azamat was fired because of malpractice. He was a good surgeon in the past, but now he is an alcoholic. His wife left him, because he doesn’t try to find a job and drinks. And he will lose his apartment because of loans.  But the number of his apartment coincidentally turned over from 6 to 9. And the criminal and money enter his life.

Director :Olzhas Akhmetov Language :Russia Country :Kazakhstan
Producer :Olzhas Akhmetov Editor :Olzhas Akhmetov Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Damir Tastanmekov Year :2017 Duration:18 Mins


Director Name

Olzhas Akhmetov

Director Biography

Olzhas Akhmetov was born on 16 October in 1987 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He graduatedfrom KIMEP University in 2009. In 2015 he enters in private school of cinema “Stalker”

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