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Lola Still Dances


Lola is being held captive, forced to be a prostitute by a Mexican Pimp, she tries to escape but can only do this in her imagination where she is a beautiful ballerina.


Mariana Alagon, Rodrigo Goytortua, Sergio Lozano

Director :Ana mancera Language :Spanish Country :Mexico
Producer :Ana Mancera, Manuel Caballero, Manuel Caballero Editor :Santiago Pérez Rocha Leon Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Karen Muciño Year :2017 Duration:24 Mins


Director Name

Ana mancera

Director Biography

Ana Mancera is a Mexican Writer-director based in Mexico City. She recently graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana, where she studied Communications with a major in Film. She has worked in project development in several production houses in Mexico Citysuch as Videocine SA de CV, and Itaca Films. This is her thesis shortfilm, but more importantly, her debut as a Director. Ana enjoys working with actors very much and is currently studying Directing Actors intensive courses with director Luis Mandoki. She is currently developing her opera prima feature script, and a TV series with the spanish writer and director Borja Manso.

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