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Beer and calippo


Summer, an old camper and the feeling of freedom. Jojo wants to join her boyfriend Toni on a tour with his band. Her father promised to let her, because she got good marks in school. Everything seems perfect. But Jojo is pregnant, her father finds out and Toni has a crush on the drummer girl...


Maresi Riegner, Roland Düringer, Xaver Stockinger

Director :Paul Ploberger Language :German Country :Austria
Producer :Catrin Freundlinger Editor :Barbara Seidler Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Patrick Wally Year :2017 Duration:28 Mins


Director Name

Paul Ploberger

Director Biography

Paul Ploberger was born on February 28th in 1986 in Austria. After his actors training at the Schauspielhaus Salzburg he qualified for the Vienna Filmakademie, where he is studying „directing“ in his masters at the moment.