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Help wanted


Pavan, a Punjabi teenager, gets involved in his local gang in order to support his fragmented family when his unemployed and abusive father fails to do so. When a drug deal goes wrong and tensions run high with his two-faced gang leader, Pavan must make a tough decision that could ultimately threaten his life and the family he has worked so hard to protect.


Michael Deanabundue, Gurin Bal, Mozay Imdakem, Arshdeep Purba, Manoj Saxena, Sima Saxena

Director :Jacquile Kambo Language :English Country :Canada
Producer :Jasleen Kaur Editor :Carlos Macias Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Rob Hamilton Year :2017 Duration:15 Mins


Director Name

Jacquile Kambo

Director Biography

Jacquile Singh Kambo is an aspiring Director and Writer, graduating from the Bachelor’s of Motion Picture Arts program at Capilano University, North Vancouver. Fascinated with film noir and drama, he has written and directed short film “Help Wanted”, focusing on Indo - Canadian gang violence and family struggles. He hopes the film will bring attention on reconnecting families and bring change in the homes of South Asian communities. His passion for storytelling drives him to build connections and change perspectives. Jacquile hopes to expand his achievements into writing and directing feature films.