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The loudest silence


1 in 4 women will be raped in their lifetime. Often by a man we trust. Guilt and naturalization of violence silences and blinds us. The Loudest Silence is a film-essay about the discovery of four women as rape survivors themselves. In an allegorical scenery, they share their painful date-rape stories and reflect upon what it is to be a woman in this world. Is this world made for us?


Amanda Tedesco,Clara Anastacia,Elisa Ottoni,Karina Diniz

Director :Marccela Moreno Language :Portuguese Country :Brazil
Producer :Jessica Menezes Editor :Marccela Moreno and Helio Chrockatt Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Marina Moulin and Marina Nunes Year :2017 Duration:15 Mins


Director Name

Marccela Moreno

Director Biography

Marccela Moreno was born in June 1989 in the south of Brazil, grew up in the Northeastern state of Bahia, lived in Berlin and now reside in Rio de Janeiro. Storytelling has always been my life passion.