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Round Two


23 year old Adi is diagnosed with a recurrence of her childhood leukemia the day before she is due to leave for her big trip to South America. Her doctor informs her that she must cancel the trip and begin chemotherapy immediately. But Adi rebels against the control that the disease has over her life and resists the second round of treatment.  


Naama Chetrit, Maya Flamm, Ami Weinberg

Director :Hagai Adorian Language :Hebrew Country :Israel
Producer :Hodaya Altman Editor :Hagai Adorian Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Yonathan Shehoah Year :2017 Duration:27 Mins


Director Name

Hagai Adorian

Director Biography

Hagai Adorian, born in 1989 in Jerusalem, first studied film in high school. After 18 months community volunteer service in the city of Lod, he completed 3 years National Service in the Israel Defense Forces in the tanks corps, where he became a paramedic and was responsible for running his battalion’s field clinic.  As well as working as a cameraman, editor, graphic designer and internet site designer, Hagai is at present engaged in four years of full time study at the Maaleh Film School, Jerusalem.