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The Cage


In the end, we are not just protecting the justice, but lingering to grasp the clues for survival tightly.” Sergeant Chen has served in the police service for many years and with smooth career, but his life is in a gray area. He dares to sacrifice his clean feathers to soak into the dark corner; wipes out the criminals like dove flapped its wings, but burden with collapsed family on the back unable to break free. Facing his father's disability, and wife’s cheating, his eyes were burning with the loss of justice. The gun in his hand is no longer only aiming against the outside of his home door. After betrayal and struggling, the home that imprisoned the dove is filling of endless mock and irony. Confronted with multiple pressure, Chen does not know what to do more to make up for every person and the "justice”.

Director :Jiawei LIN Language :Chinese Country :Taiwan
Producer :Not Updated Editor :LIN,JIA-WEI、KO,YI-CHIN Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :GARVIN,CHAN Year :2017 Duration:29 Mins


Director Name

Jiawei LIN

Director Biography

Was born in Taiwan in1992. Majored in advertising during college. Now is studying for MFA degree in Radio, Television and Film Department of Shih Hsin University.  In 2016, was selected for Innovation Stories of Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation. Finished first short film “The Cage” in 2017. As a filmmaker, is always struggling in-between with creation and reality, sinking and floating along with the conflicts.