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Prof. Yossi Kleinmann is an uncharismatic history professor lecturing on political leaders in totalitarian regimes. Neither his students nor his domineering wife show him any respect. At a Sabbath weekend celebrating the 90th birthday of his wife’s grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, Yossi suddenly finds himself in an unexpected situation which forces him to confront history, his family and himself.


Emanuel Cohn,Iris Penn,Ruth Geller

Director :Nurith Cohn Language :Hebrew Country :Israel
Producer :Noam Keidar Editor :Shaia Bernstein Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Josef Shelest Year :2017 Duration:29 Mins


Director Name

Nurith Cohn

Director Biography

Nurith was born in Basel, Switzerland. After high school she spent several years in New York, where she attained a degree in vocal performance at the Mannes College of Music. After moving to Israel, she worked as a choir conductor and voice coach before beginning her film studies at the Maaleh Film School in 2010. Her short film “Shrink” was shown at the Medfilm Festival in Italy in 2012. “The Little Dictator” is Nurith’s graduate film and marks her collaboration with her brother Emanuel, who wrote the script and plays the leading role. The film was awarded the 1st prize for "Best Live Action Short Film" by the Mayor of Jerusalem in 2015.