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The big wheel in the most exciting area of the city is the perfect real estate for Jakob and Nicole, a young, ambitious and firmly in the event culture anchored couple. When one of the popular gondolas becomes free, they do not hesitate to move into their first common flat. Unfortunately none of them both has taken the time to get to know his partner before.

Director :Josef Brandl Language :German Country :Germany
Producer :Rike Steyer Editor :Matthias Becker, Lena Geller Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Matthias Becker Year :2017 Duration:15 Mins


Director Name

Josef Brandl

Director Biography

Josef Brandl was born in Mallersdorf in 1982 and studied at the Technical University and the University for television and film in munich. He has a Graduate Diploma in Architecture and a Postgraduate Diploma in Production Design. Since 2009 he works in international productions mainly as an art director and participated in films like The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) or Cloud Atlas (2011). He lives today in Berlin.