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When gang leader Ole (11) and his buddies Marco (10) and Milan (12) nicked twelve year old Davie's school bag, Ole would never in his wildest dreams have imagined that a short time later he would appear on stage with Davie at a school karaoke contest dressed as a princess with makeup on... neither could his friends.


Phillip Breu,Ava Taremizad,Emil Pai Pötschke,Noah Lakmes

Director :Karsten Dahlem Language :German Country :Germany
Producer :Nick Guido van Ginneken,Adrian Topol Editor :Matthias Becker, Lena Geller Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Matthias Becker Year :2017 Duration:16 Mins


Director Name

Karsten Dahlem

Director Biography

The award winning writer, actor and director Karsten Dahlem studied theater and drama studies at the Folkwang-Hochschule Essen. He was also a cast member of the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, at the Volkstheater München and at the Wiener Volkstheater. He also worked as a resident actor in the Maxim Gorki Berlin, the Theater in Bochum and the Schaubühne Berlin. He has directed various different productions at Theatres such as Maxim Gorki Berlin and Theaters in Bremen, Leipzig,Oberhausen, Essen, Nürnberg, Düsseldorf and Leipzig. Dahlem has frequently dealt with topics related children and teenagers. He is a resident lecturer at the ZHDK and the UdK Berlin. The Skript FREIER FALL (SWR Kurhaus Production) which he co-wrote with Stephan Lacant was nominated for the Deutschen Filmpreis.  His script Fremde Tochter (SWR Kurhaus Production) which he also co-wrote with Lacant has recently been filmed. His short film Princess was filmed in the summer of 2016 and is Dahlem's debut as a filmdirector.