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This is a short narrative on Oscar Deluzuriaga, a young racing driver who's looking to make it to the pinnacle of Motorsport, no matter the odds.


Oscar Deluzuriaga,Tracy Deluzuriaga, Carlos Deluzuriaga

Director :Veeru Murugappan Language :English Country :Singapore
Producer :Carlos & Tracy Deluzuriaga Editor :Mardiah Hussain Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Brad Dillon ACS Year :2017 Duration:7 Mins


Director Name

Veeru Murugappan

Director Biography

Veeru Murugappan is an independent filmmaker based in Singapore.Born & raised in Chennai, India, Veeru cut his teeth in broadcast journalism with NDTV in 2008 where he anchored mainstream news and sports bulletins. With the launch of Coromandel Productions, Veeru’s aim is to showcase human interest & heart-warming stories from all walks of life. He believes there are so many individuals and organisations out there who need a platform for their voices to be heard. The dream is to bring people closer to these amazing stories, make a difference and above all, go beyond the lens!