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Be Bold


A gang of five friends get into trouble with the local underground mafia,when one them gets into a doggy business and fools the othe to join him by making them submit to a sport competition


Sheikh,Sulaiman,Sanusi,Yassir Ali,Nasrun,Noor Mohamed,Haslan

Director :Arshad Ali Language :English Country :Malaysia
Producer :Rizwan Ali,Ali Hidayah Editor :Arshad Ali Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Arshad Ali,Raj Kumar Year :2017 Duration:20 Mins


Director Name

Arshad Ali

Director Biography

Arshad Ali is a Malaysian young debutant director who is also a Mechatronic Engineer graduates from IIUM..Be bold is the first film for him as a director and he got his experience from Director Yassir Ali and Director Sahbidin from the movie Vilayattu.He worked as Cinematographer in his previous movie from Maju Boyz Production and from then the producer asked to make a shortfilm as his talent is tremendous.His talent vary from Script Writing,Screenplay,Dialogue,Editing and Direction.His talent make the Producer from Hidayah Maju Caterers,Rizwan Ali to make a movie with him.He is so dedicated and passionate where willing to do most of the filming job himself and make it succesful and praised by most of the Reviewer.Famous Music Director,Taj Noor labeled him as future Film Director and willing to spend all his time to make this movie background music a big hit as the storyline is impressed him.Our director's ideology is an effort to change people's attitude.He strongly believe that his movie can talk to the public and able to change the world.