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A man of words is forced to become a man of action as John discovers the secret bucket list of his terminally ill son Robin. The two secretly abscond from the hospital an experience a father-son adventure in South Africa and fulfill the boy’s greatest wishes - as the police pursue John for kidnapping. After the performance at the Slam Poetry Championship, John doesn’t find fans waiting for him backstage, rather the police are there and immediately arrest him. As the main suspect in the kidnapping of his son, Robin, he is put behind bars. But the former Slam Poetry Champion keeps quiet about the whereabouts of the boy. Even when facing Robin’s mother, Miriam, John only recites a seemingly confused poem about the Cape of Good Hope. It is through his poems, however, that Detective Eric Rosenbaum discovers clues about Robin's kidnapping and also his potential whereabouts in South Africa. 


Jeff Burrell,Aiden Flowers,Clayton Nemrow,Leni Speidel,Luisa Wietzorek,Tshamano Sebe

Director :Toby Schmutzler Language :English Country :Germany
Producer :Caroline Muhl Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2015 Duration:75 Mins


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Toby Schmutzler

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