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The Bird Was Not A Bird


Yusuf is a young bird seller living and struggling with financial problems in Kabul. He has to support family and earn money for the treatment of his paralyzed sister. Alongside, he is in a secret love with a girl in the neighboring, surrounded in a strictly traditional environment. A terrorist agent offers him a better job far from the city, and he eagerly accepts the offer. Perceiving that he will attend the job, he is going into a deep dark world of terrorists. They are preparing him for a suicide attack


Faisal Jamalyar

Director :Ahmad Zia Arash Language :Dari Country :Afghanistan
Producer :Faisal Jamalyar Editor :Reshad Arash Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Ahmad Zia Arash Year :2015 Duration:90 Mins


Director Name

Ahmad Zia Arash

Director Biography

Ahmad Zia Arash was born in 1979 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He started filmmaking as an amateur since 2002 and worked as Cinematographer, Casting Director, Producer, Writer and Director. From 2014-2015 he attended Goethe Institute workshops for filmmakers in Afghan films. He has directed, wrote and produced several short fiction films, music videos, commercial, documentaries and feature films.