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Saad (Calling)


Saad is a story of an old couple longing for their children and living a mundane life when an unexpected event takes place in their house which changes their lives.


Gururaj S Rao,Jayanti C Iyer

Director :Kunika Kharat Language :Hindi Country :India
Producer :National Institute of Design Editor :Kunika Kharat Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Shreyas Dasharathe Year :2017 Duration:20 Mins


Director Name

Kunika Kharat

Director Biography

Kunika Kharat comes from Navi Mumbai and is studying Film and Video communication at National Institute of Design(NID), Gujarat, India. Kunika’s journey as a film maker started two years back when she joined the course. She has always enjoyed story-telling and believes films are strong mediums of telling stories as you can re-create reality and capture it forever. But she also believes that films can do more than just story-telling and can be used as a medium to create awareness.

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