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The Third Wish


Kindly, mischievous and humorous story about the troubles of a lovesick teenager called Albert which takes place in a twinkling pre-Christmas spa town lorded over by a renowned international hotel belonging to a somewhat self-centred hotelier by the name of Bosák. Albert, whose parents perform in the hotel's magic show, loves Joanne – his best friend Eman's sister. Joanne, who prefers to be called Jo-Ann, has no time for Albert and like other girls in town is head over heels in love with the school's heartbreaker – Bosák junior. But Albert cannot believe that this shallow stuck-up toff could ever really impress the modest Joanne who yearns to study at the Sorbonne in Paris and decides to compete for her affections. But if all that wasn't enough, Albert must also face up to an unexpected family dispute. Fortunately he is able to come up with one wish which had been promised him by Magic Grandpa. But how to make best use of such a magic wish when all and sundry want to bag it for themselves? And what if one is able to be happy without resorting to magic?


Martin Mysicka,Jitka Cadek Cvancarova,Filip Antonio,Michaela Pechackova

Director :Vit Karas Language :Czech Country :Czech Republic
Producer :Jan Maxa Editor :Michal Hyka Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Pavel Berkovic Year :2015 Duration:102 Mins


Director Name

Vit Karas

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