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Raagasoothram reveals the anxiety of a young film maker Rishi Sharma which creates an imaginary world to him. There he found a libidinous man and his variegated activities. It is conceived with a mythological two layer method.


Srilal Namboothiri, Thomas Jacob, Biju Nampoothiri, Sreejith Nampoothiry

Director :Sreejith Nampoothiry Language :Malayalam Country :India
Producer :Thomas Jacob Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2017 Duration:27 Mins


Director Name

Sreejith Nampoothiry

Director Biography

Born in a Malayali Brahmin family where his parents had taste in music and literature. Also from childhood itself his father took the prime of Mrudangam. As an artist he entered film media with much passion and sincerity, also in fond of novelty in vision, theme and craft. According to him the artistic family background motivated his aesthetic sense.Entered film industry as a Documentary film maker.Conceived, Scripted &Directed ‘ EKAROOPAM ‘ (TheAbsolute) , a Documentary about Mannarashala Amma on 2011. It was selected for various international film festivals and has been purchased by I& PRD, Govt. of Kerala.

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