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Based on Hamlet, William Shakespeare's greatest tragedy, Un’ Ati (I, Father) is set in contemporary Kosovo and explores the story of Hektor (Alban Goranci), a young man who finds himself in turmoil when his father dies in an accident and he discovers that his mother, Marigona (Makfire Miftari) is involved in an affair with his uncle, Vasillis (Besim Ajeti).Wracked with grief, Hektor's growing disdain for his uncle and mother, along with his confused emotional state begins to affect his view of the world which reflects on his relationship with his love-lorn girlfriend, Irma (Florentina Ademi) and best friend, Ceran (Alban Shahiqi).But when his deceased father appears before him and persuades him to confront his uncle at a planned engagement party, Hektor is set on a path to his destiny. As events unfold, the inevitable confrontation leads to a catharsis where Hektor ultimately learns the truth about love and honour.


Florentina Beck, Korab Kallaba, Makfire Miftari

Director :Mark Norfolk Language :Albanian Country :Kosovo
Producer :Besim Ajeti Editor :Meriton Ahmeti Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2015 Duration:91 Mins


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Mark Norfolk

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