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The Opaque


“ATHARYAM (The Opaque)” filmed entirely in Singapore, is a short film which portrays the typical “Opaque” mentality of our society where most people judge a book by its cover. The film centres on two girls, and their reactions when they happen to have a chance encounter with a transgender(trans sexual) inside a shopping mall in Kerala(Southern tip of India). The movie was named "The Opaque" as the creators feel that many amongst us have lost that transparency & they hold prejudicial attitudes toward others especially when they deal with an opposite gender.


Geethu Krishna,Aishwarya Nair,Ragesh Bayakkodan,Balaraman Kunduavara

Director :Anish Kunnath Language :Malayalam Country :Singapore
Producer :Lavanya Menon Editor :Bibin Paul Samuel Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Braven Yeo (Singapore) Year :2018 Duration:15 Mins


Director Name

Anish Kunnath

Director Biography

Anish is a Passionate Indian film maker settled in Singapore, born in the cultural capital of Kerala. Atharyam “The Opaque” , Anish's second short film venture fully produced in Singapore is launched in 2018 by Indian National award winner & Veteran Malayalam actor Suraj Venjaramoodu. His film takes on an angle in perceiving our encounters with different people. The film was named "The Opaque" as the creators felt that society is deprived of transparency, and is prejudiced dealing with different genders. The short film has already been officially selected for more than 15 International Film festivals across the globe and grabbed multiple awards along with excellent audience review and media attention. Anish currently runs a home production company under the ownership of his wife Lavanya Menon, called “Merlion Malayalam Pictures” to promote local Indian videos in Singapore.

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