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Banshi (The Flute)


A boy (Keshta)who stays in a Village with his parents and is passionate about playing flute, commitment towards nature, country, society bonding between human, nature and social responsibilities is Banshi all about. Meow is his best friend who behaves like insane but loves nature,music and Keshta

Director :Kaushik Sengupta Language :Bengali Country :India
Producer :Sudipto Roy Chowdhury Editor :SANJIB DATTA Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :AALOK MAITY Year :2017 Duration:20 Mins


Director Name

Kaushik Sengupta

Director Biography

Kaushik Sengupta is a Cultural activist, as cultural secretary of 158 clubs to spread constructive cultural concept among people.Tagore is his biggest inspiration of his work. His poems and short stories are being published in countless numbers of wall /little magazines. Till date he has written almost 150 scripts of successful productions. Amongst which ‘Ichhemoti toke”, “Ekelabya”, adaptation OF “Runner”, “Sankhachil”, “Satyajiter Chalachitre Robithakur”, adaptation of “Sadharon Meye”, ”Mohanogorer Nandini” are the successful stage productions. He has also made a special production on Mohini Chaudhury (a great lyricist) for Akashbani Kolkata ( All India Radio).

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