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The Drainage


A poet once answered the question " Tell me how many elements are important in communication?" in this way. He said " The one which is absent is the most important of all". When two men are walking besides each other and one of them is busy in his phone, he gets so absorbed in the phone that he gets left behind. We all are those that have been left behind. We have various mediums to communicate to the other, but we don't know who do we want to communicate to? The mobile phone has become an extention of our body. Today networking has become very easy but unfortunately personal interaction is being compromised. It has come down to exchange of messages. The mobile has a parallel universe where each human behaves like he has been deserted on an inhuman island. He forgets that there is any life around. Ambadas, the protagonist of this short film is a labourer in a farm. His new smartphone falls in a dry drainage. For the next 24 hours he struggles to rescue his phone. Using the phone, the story touches upon the subtle changes in the society. Finally Ambadas enters the drainage from a different place. When inside, he realises how lonely is he in this populated world. The lid is shut from where he enetered the drainage and he gets trapped inside, but would be be free even if he got out from there? 


Nandu madhav

Director :Vikrant Ramdas Badarkhe Language :Marathi Country :India
Producer :Magic if films & Mukesh chabra casting company Editor :Vivek chakre Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Romil wankhade Year :2017 Duration:15 Mins


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Vikrant Ramdas Badarkhe

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