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The Domestic Fly


An everyday routine of a lonely old lady is interrupted by an irritating housefly. An initial conflict between the two is soon replaced by a newly found friendship and grandma's days become filled with life and joy.


Mara Vilar,Sandi Lopatec

Director :Áron Horváth Language :Slovenian Country :Slovenia
Producer :Darko Sintič Editor :Andrej Avanzo Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Darko Sintič Year :2017 Duration:10 Mins


Director Name

Áron Horváth

Director Biography

Áron Horváth (Murska Sobota, 1991) studied Art Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education before transferring to the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television to study Film and TV Directing. For six years, he was part of the Slovenia national swimming team. He likes to watch and study films, as he too wants to tell stories.His most notable works are The Domestic Fly (2017), Jogi and a Box (2016) and Csillag (2015).

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