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Breaking Out


A young adult Advaith starts an unlikely friendship with a Gay rights activist Pushkar whose acts and actions are opposed by and condemned by his friends and the entire society around him. Advaith maintains his friendship as secret as possible due to the fear of being judged by fellow students. Soon the friendship blossoms into something special without their knowledge and now Advaith has to confront his feelings amidst the society which degrades gays, his old fashioned mom who wants a “Sanskari Bahu” for herself and his own orthodox upbringing.


Manish Sabavat ,Kesava Aditya

Director :Heshvanth Gurukul Language :Hindi Country :India
Producer :Dadasaheb Phalke School of Film Studies Editor :Heshvanth Gurukul Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Akash Pamarthy Year :2017 Duration:24 Mins


Director Name

Heshvanth Gurukul

Director Biography

Heshvanth Gurukul is a graduate in Diploma in Direction from Dadasaheb School of Film Studies. He has worked on few student short films as a part of his curriculum. Breaking Out! being his first short film in Public domain. Breaking Out had been officially selected for 9th Jagran Film Festival.

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