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Locked In


Samira and Nazim, asylum seekers who fled after torture find themselves in the UK again detained by the state. They are on the fast track system, soon to be deported. With the clock ticking, the memories of their torture and what awaits on their return torment them. Will they be able to gain asylum in time? What will the cost be to their relationship?


Levko Esztella, Uriel Emil, Johnny Vivash

Director :Nadira Murray, Pavel Shepan Language :English Country :Iran
Producer :Nadira Murray Editor :Rebecca Lloyd Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Steve Cardno Year :2018 Duration:15 Mins


Director Name

Nadira Murray, Pavel Shepan

Director Biography

Nadira Murray is a producer, writer, creative producer and an actress. Nadira comes from a family of actors, in Uzbekistan and trained in the UK at Drama Studio London and RADA (intencive summer courses), 2004. Nadira Murray's first play was a one-woman show which she produced and performed herself. It was sold out throughout its four week run at the Arcola, then transferred to the west end Arts Theatre in 2009. Nadira toured her shows across Britain and gained positive critical reviews as a performer and a writer for her show British Ambassador's Belly Dancer. The play was featured on BBC2's Newsnight's art slot for its success. Eventually Nadira moved into films after having studied at Media Busines School in Spain, 2014.