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In the village, in a small house by theriver, an old man lives with his granddaughter.They live a simple life in harmony with theextensive nature. One day, the man’s daughter,living in the city and doing everything in order tosurvive in an hostile social environment, comeshome and asks him to sell a house and move tolive with her in the city. The old man hardlydecides to move with granddaughter to the citybut the daughter already lost all money andnowhere to stay together. Being in desperate, thefamily now comes to face the moment of choice,as nothing they can do. This film is the latest filmof Marat Sarulu, who represents the Kyrgyzstancinema and also visited Busan last year for thespecial program, The Unknown New WaveCentral Asian Cinema. Throughout the tragicjourney of a family, the director bitterly portraitsthe current status of the society, and withcontrasting the vast nature and the dilapidatedcity, following the family’s agony with restrainedand gazing eyes, this stirring film eventuallyleaves heartstrings tugged.


Sagyndyk Makekadyrov, Perizat Ermanbetova, Ainazik Bekbalaeva

Director :Marat Sarulu Language :Kyrgyz Country :Kyrgyztan
Producer :Not Updated Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:Not Updated
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2015 Duration:178 Mins


Director Name

Marat Sarulu