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Indywood Film Society invites students to participate in Mirror of the Future - A Russian Educational Film Festival for Children and Youth, Altay.

Indywood Film Society is inviting young and talented filmmakers in India to grab a chance to show their talent to a global audience by submitting their short films. The society has joined hands with the prestigious Mirror of the Future - A Russian Educational Film Festival for Children and Youth for its upcoming film festival edition in Altay, Russia. Scheduled from 3 - 11 July in Altay, Russia, the 9-day event will provide an exclusive platform for young filmmakers to showcase their talent and allow them to interact with globally renowned filmmakers. To get selected for the film festival, you must submit your previously made short films to the team of Indywood Film Society. The Indywood Film Society judging panel will then shortlist the top 4 entries from the submissions. The director of those short films will be selected and sent to Russia to participate in the festival.

Participating in this film festival is a unique opportunity for young filmmakers to learn, grow, and network with industry professionals. Students must be between 14 and 17 years old to be eligible for the competition. The four shortlisted students will be accompanied by a professional mentor who will guide them throughout the festival. At the festival, children will learn about filmmaking and make a new film under the guidance of professional makers from the global film industry.

Indywood Film Society is a premier platform to nurture next-generation filmmakers in the global film industry. Designed exclusively for the student community, Indywood Film Society aims to familiarize students studying in schools, colleges, or universities with the international film industry. With that mission, they have formed several film clubs under the banner Indywood Film Club all over India, encouraging students to learn and excel in all aspects of filmmaking, including promotion and distribution.

Acting as a bridge between campus and the global film industry, the Indywood Film Club also aims to promote cross-cultural awareness, exchange of ideas, and social understanding. It also initiates career guidance programs for students to facilitate placements in sectors according to their talents. The tie-up with the Mirror of the Future film festival, Altay, Russia, is an attempt to give wings to the students to fly to another country and to get familiar with the film industry there. Moreover, it is going to be a unique chance to visit the beautiful and picturesque nature of Russian Altay, and to obtain intercultural experience too.

If you want to participate in this film festival and submit your entries, please contact aliiff@indywood.co.in / +91 953900553 with your short films before 20th May 2023.