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We are now at an age where China's box Woffice power cannot be ignored any longer. Many predict China will surpass the U.S. as the world's biggest movie market as soon as in 2017. Co-productions and collaborationsbetween China and other nations, including India, in the film industry have mushroomed these past 2 years in response. And although many have begun to register China's growing importance, few understand the complexities of working with China's film industry. China Film Insider is here therefore to fill that gap of understanding. China Film Insider is a leading entertainment trade publication that devotes itself exclusively to reporting on the impact China's film industry and market have on Hollywood and other film industries in the world. While many Western media sites report on China's film industry primarily through the angle of China's box office growth, China Film Insider distinguishes itself by addressing this and more important questions, such as "How is China changing the face of Hollywood?" and "Can China successfully export its soft power to the world?" Through its partnerships with film consulting and entertainment law firms, China Film Insider is able to offer an intelligent insider's look at China's relationship with other media industries. The publication website offers a wide variety of news, opinions, and in-depth analysis of the realities
of filmmaking in China and the complicated relationship between China's state administration and foreign and domestic film studios. Their stories span from film news, interviews with industry insiders, box office analyses and predictions, to articles devoted to bring their readers up to speed on the latest developments in mergers and acquisitions and media legislation in China. As a news site dedicated to bridging the gap between China and Hollywood, China Film Insider has a dedicated and far-reaching readership that encompasses the leaders of film and media industries around the world. They boast of a dedicated readership base of film industry professionals, banking and investment executives, film festival and market organizers, broadcasters, entertainment attorneys, film journalists, and individuals who are involved in the dialogue between China and the rest of the world. Recently China Film Insider joined the league of supporters for Indywood Film Carnival.Indywood Film Carnival is excited to have them onboard.