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International Competition for   Student Short Films



By : Aly Rana
| |
An armed security guard, Asif Hafeez, accidentally kills his fellow guard Ashok one night at their workspace. Ashok was trying to rob the same place they were defending. Upon realising that Ashok was unarmed, Asif regrets his actions and feels rem...readmore
India | 2015 | 11 Mins


By : Rabby Tiwana
| |
A poor laborer, Taari, of a small village in Punjab, experiences a conflicting lifestyle, where his unwariness puts his relationship with his daughter at jeopardy. With a promising reward of money and free food, he agr...readmore
India | 2016 | 07 Mins


By : Abhilash Vijayan
| |
Late 18th century, Malabar province at the southern part of Indian peninsula is divided into small countries fighting with each other. Two boys are trained in martial art for a suicidal mission to avenge their country ...readmore
India | 2015 | 25 Mins


By : Stephen C. Horne
| |
One chilly day inside a mysterious graveyard, footballer wannabe Kris sees that his dream has come true in a most unusual way. THE LICK is a surreal black comedy about the deadly seduction of desires....readmore
Scotland | 2016 | 18 Mins


By : Suraj Kharat
| |
A polio vaccination program is being conducted by the health ministry of India.  The film showcases an unusual incident that happens with one of the nurses while conducting the program....readmore
India | 2016 | 08 Mins


By : Valentin Pittard
| |
Mathieu and his deaf-mute mother manage a farm in Alsace. Their peaceful life is wrecked when they're visited by his youngest brother Victor, who's serving in the Nazi army. When Victor decides to go back into the serv...readmore
Switzerland | 2015 | 11 Mins


By : Max Kidd
| |
Germany 1944 during World War II: The ukrainian forced labor Valentina escapes out of the labor education Camp next to the small german village Langenzenn. Rescued by Martin and his parents she is hidden in their barn. An acid test for Martin, his...readmore
Germany | 2016 | 11 Mins


By : Thisara Mangala Bandara
| |
A group of filmmakers plan to make a short film about 'peace and coexistence' using reality TV frank style. Actors dressed as Buddhist monk and Muslims make scene in a public place while hidden cameras capture the reaction of unsuspecting people. ...readmore
Srilanka | 2015 | 09 Mins


By : Bartosz Kruhlik
| |
Adaptation: 1. Structural or functional evolution of an organism towards higher survivability. 2. Process of an individual becoming better suited to environment and more resistant to outer stress. 3. The ability of eyesight to ...readmore
Poland | 2016 | 25 Mins


By : Vinayak-Priyanka
| |
A psychiatrist and published author Neha Kapoor is an ardent believer in the ideology that urban lifestyle incubates mental health problems. Following this ideology, she keeps herself away from any kind of baggage but this changes one day when she...readmore
India | 2016 | 21 Mins


By : Georg Vogel
| |
This short film is a story about a traditional, old-fashioned manual craft. The creator is longing to discover the world while sitting in his small familiar comfort zone....readmore
Switzerland | 2015 | 03 Mins


By : Indranil Kashyap
| |
A sickly but a very twisted comedy about an empire of signs in which a bastard comes full circle by not only finding his father, but also by unknowingly becoming the cause of his death, yet unlike Oedipus he does not h...readmore
India | 2016 | 27 Mins