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International Competition for   Debut Director's Films



By : Mahdi Hoseinivand
| |
The story is about Morteza and Forogh, a couple married for several years. The man is so busy so he finds no emotion in his couple relationship an...readmore
Iran | 2015 | 84 Mins


By : Mia Maariel Meyer
| |
The film "Treppe Aufwaerts“ tells a three generation story: The fateful past of the grandfather and its dysfunctional impact on the life of his son a...readmore
Germany | 2015 | 94 Mins


By : Mor Kaplansky
| |
Café Nagler is the story of a family-owned café in Berlin at the beginning of the 20thcentury. The director embarks on a journey to reveal what she belie...readmore
Israel | 2015 | 59 Mins


By : Derrick Lui
| |
How far will you go for love? And once you have it, will it be enough? Those are the central questions for the characters in '1400,' a new feature film from director De...readmore
Singapore | 2015 | 88 Mins


By : Jyoti Singh
| |
How does a real life princess raised in one of the wealthiest families of the world end up losing all such privileges in her middle age? How does she become forced to p...readmore
United | 2015 | 105 Mins


By : Dexter Paglinawan Hemedez,Allan Michael Ibanez
| |
When a child leaves home for college, the milestone leads to a struggle between giving in to homesickness or choosing a good education and a better future. Sixteen-year-old Maru Marasigan c...readmore
Philippines | 2016 | 103 Mins


By : Jagadeesan Subu
| |
On what he expected to be a typical day, Prasad, a reluctant pimp, must investigate the sudden disappearance of his network’s most demanded prostitut...readmore
India | 2016 | 95 Mins


By : Gholamreza Sagharchiyan
| |
A teenager named Hadi lives in a small garden with his family in the surroundings of the desert. The garden is drying up as its water way has been destroyed by the railway expansion project. Hadi attemp...readmore
Iran | 2015 | 89 Mins